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XR Designer

XR Designer

Team info

Arjo Nagelhout


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Experience in programming in C# / Unity, - Special interest in people with an interest in or experience with graphics programming / compute shaders and file management / serialisation.

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The Challenge 

Designers, architects and urban planners greatly benefit from being able to visualise and work on their designs in a real-world context using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR); Imagine being able to walk through a city street and seeing how the design will fit in that specific environment and how it looks with real people walking through it. This information could then be used by the designer to directly work on and improve the design, on location. However, existing software products focus on just visualising final designs, or designing in a virtual environment without the real-world context.

The Solution

We are developing an MVP of our design application for iPad and AR capable Android tablets, with the aim to expand to other XR platforms as the Meta Quest and Varjo XR-3. The application aims for seamless integration with existing design workflows and will contain a comprehensive toolset for working on designs in augmented reality. The application is developed using Unity, enabling rapid cross-platform XR development.

The Mission

Our goal is to enable designers, architects and urban planners to seamlessly visualise, work on and present their designs in a real world context using augmented and virtual reality.



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