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Team REV

Team REV

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Kavan Bhagat
Oviyaa Thiyagarajan
Abhidyu Dimitrov
Anna Vesseur
Ties Hop
Satyasagar Jayakumar


The Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate the potential of hybrid technology and its ability to lower emissions while maintaining the level of fun and range that an ICE motorcycle provides. Our primary focus will be to develop a hybrid powertrain. Following this our consequent goal will be to run our powertrain on sustainable fuels with higher Ethanol content. Ultimately, we plan to design a motorcycle to showcase our innovative powertrain solution in a relatable, tangible form to our stakeholders.

The Challenge 

The world's increasing focus on sustainability has created a pressure on the automotive industry towards electrification. Electric Vehicle sales have been steadily increasing in recent years for both two and four-wheelers. However, taking a closer look at the EV 2-wheeler market we noticed that it is dominated by E-scooters, E-bikes and electric kick scooters. EV motorcycles simply have not caught on with their intended market – motorcycle enthusiasts. There are various reasons why EV motorcycles are failing, and we see a gap in the market that we can use to bring motorcyclists into the world of sustainable mobility.

The Solution

Creating a hybrid alternative for traditional motorcycle enthusiasts transitioning to electric, bridging the gap between traditional and EV motorcycles. 


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