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TU/e Contest 2023

TU/e Contest 2023 is initiated by TU/e Innovation Space.
The TU/e Contest provides the ultimate platform for innovative projects and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

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Towards the grand finale!

The TU/e Contest approaches peak excitement as our most promising teams are headed towards the Grand Finale 2023!

During the past three months more than 50 teams have developed themselves tremendously through a multitude of different workshops and the coaching of our partner network. The Grand Finale provides a stage for the 5 most promising teams of each category to pitch their project in front of our expert jury and you ofcourse!

Are you thrilled to see what the future holds in terms of People, Planet and Prosperity? Our Finalists will provide you with a sneak peak into the future as they compete for prizes up to € 5.000,-

Register for the Grand Finale

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Societal issues are increasing on a global scale as the world becomes more complex. At the same time, issues such as technology, energy, climate and food have a huge impact on our lives.

The TU/e Contest is an initiative of TU/e innovation Space and offers engineering students a platform to develop their entrepreneurial competences. Whether you are part of a student team, part of a startup or you just have an idea worth exploring, you are more than welcome! You get support to transform innovative ideas related to societal issues into viable business ideas, in co-creation with a broad range of experts in the field.

Throughout the competition, you develop entrepreneurial competences during workshops and brainstorm sessions with like-minded students. On top of that, you will be able to meet coaches from both educational and business environments in several online and offline networking events. In short, the TU/e Contest is the perfect opportunity to start your entrepreneurial journey and expand your network!


TU/e Innovation Space

Initiator of TU/e Contest

TU/e Contest 2023 is initiated by TU/e Innovation Space. Do you have an innovative idea? Do you want to learn how to be an entrepeneur? Join the contest and get the chance to win and expand your network & win amazing awards!

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