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Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer

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M Sverdlov
D Triantis
M Papalouka
B Nasir
J Starmans
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The Mission

To democratize access to effective fitness guidance and support, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their financial constraints or experience level, through the use of cutting edge technology.

The Challenge 

Working out with the right form is essential to muscle development but more importantly to prevent injuries. When starting out it is very difficult to get your form right. The current best way to improve your form is by hiring a personal trainer, but this can cost upwards of 50 euros per hour rendering it financially unattainable for most people.

The Solution

Virtual Trainer, a device that is powered by AI and capable of providing real time guidance and support to your workout. The Virtual Trainer can count your reps as well as give you personalized tips to improve your form. It is portable and maneuverable allowing you to position it and different angles and heights in the gym and ensure optimal visibility and assistance. By combining cutting-edge technology with convenience, Virtual Trainer offers an accessible and cost-effective alternative to traditional personal training, empowering individuals to achieve safer and more effective workouts.


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