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Ralph van den Heuvel
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Fedor Lipskerov


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We are looking for a member currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or AI with: - Basic understanding of machine learning concepts - Ability to manage and analyze datasets with guidance - Interest in using technology to enhance healthcare outcomes

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The Mission

Our mission is to simultaneously help patients through warm technology and to create a product with added value for caregivers and care home management. Through the Emotional Passport, PastEcho aims to ensure that individuals are celebrated for who they are, with every chapter of their life honored and every care moment personalized.

The Challenge 

With 4.5 million people living with dementia in the European Union, there's a critical shortage of trained caregivers to address their needs. As a result, current dementia care often disregards mental well-being and emotional interaction, essential constituents of quality of life. Presently, nurses spend up to 10 hours weekly with trial-and-error processes getting to know their patients and their personal needs. Taking away 2 hours of this time by fine-tuning emotional care would free nearly 150,000 euros per care home every year. Not only patients, but also nurses and management are impacted.

The Solution

With AI, PastEcho aims to use personal data – such as precious photographs, favorite books, social media footprints, and audio recordings – to introduce the Emotional Passport. This is a personalized profile containing comprehensive information about an individual’s emotional needs and preferences. It enables caregivers to better understand the resident's needs and tailor their care accordingly, reducing distress and improving the quality of care. In the future, multiple data sources can be integrated in the Emotional Passport, for example existing health records. This creates an integrated solution for the high workload of nurses.