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N Dinc
Winston Kevin-Reece Awortwi
Alexandra Muntean
Malcolm Vassallo


The Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to control physical systems, using the power of their thoughts. AIMI aims to be a technology that can help impact the lives of people with various different physical impairments by allowing users to interact with the world around them. AIMI hopes to achieve this by enabling individuals to control systems such as prosthetic arms, tools, and games through the power of the mind.

The Challenge 

According to the WHO, it is estimated that about 16% of the world’s population experiences significant disability. One of the largest issues such individuals face is the impact on their independence. While many assistive technologies exist, attempting to enable individuals with disabilities to have sufficient control over their environments, these can often be limited to specific use cases and only work for a small subset of disabilities. A better option would be a single device, useable by people with diverse physical disabilities, that is also able to connect to a variety of systems used by the individual.

The Solution

Today’s advances in technology and machine learning allow us to utilise something much more powerful, the mind. Our solution consists of a wearable and non-intrusive headset, through which persons with disabilities are able to control various physical and virtual systems. The purpose is to aid individuals by providing them with greater independence and a higher quality of life. This solution makes use of EEG technology alongside brain-computer interface (BCI) to obtain and meaningfully interpret the thoughts of the user. The focus lies on the real-time classification of motor imagery signals through AI, enabling control over both virtual and physical systems



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