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Sortonics - Detecting Batteries in Waste Streams

Sortonics - Detecting Batteries in Waste Streams

Team info

David Lodder
Tianqin Lu


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Interest in spectroscopy - Interests in sensors and detectors operating in different frequency bands - Understanding in physics - Anyone motivated regardless of skill (discussable) - mechanical engineer - electrical engineer - physics

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The Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions for proactively identifying and removing batteries within waste streams, thereby safeguarding communities, environments, and industries from potential safety hazards and operational disruptions.

The Challenge 

During the initial stage of waste sorting, the occurrence of battery explosions and fires poses a threat to facility workers, local residents, the environment, and disrupts operations

The Solution

Providing waste sorting facilities with battery detection capabilities to prevent safety issues and downtime caused by undetected batteries. 


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