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Void Propulsion

Void Propulsion

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Shaad Ahmad
P Singer
L Zoontjens


The Mission

By addressing the financial obstacles associated with space exploration, we can unlock a wealth of opportunities for innovation and discovery. As such, Void's mission is to lower the cost barrier to space, through a transportation service. The service in question will be a reliable, reuseable and sustainable rocket with the capabilities of carrying a customer device as it's payload. Void will also develop a launch platform capable of launching as well as landing the aforementioned rockets, with a focus on low turn-around times to facilitate multiple launches per mission.

The Challenge 

Access to space remains severely restricted due to the exorbitant costs involved. Research and development initiatives related to space exploration are often constrained by available budgets, a limitation that smaller organizations and companies frequently struggle to overcome. Yet, the significance of space exploration for the advancement of humankind cannot be overstated. Scientific endeavors in space have yielded invaluable contributions, including enhanced climate tracking capabilities, the development of GPS technology, and breakthroughs in microgravity fabrication, among others. These advancements underscore the critical importance of reducing the barriers to space access. This has the potential to catalyze an exponential increase in scientific and technological developments, propelling humanity toward a future marked by unprecedented progress and understanding.

The Solution

A transportation service to deliver customer devices to Low Earth orbit. This is achieved via a fully reuseable, sustainable rocket capable of delivering it's payload to Low Earth orbit, before returning and safely landing, so that it is ready for the next mission. This low turn-around time will decrease the cost of space travel significantly, while the smaller scale of operation will allow for multiple missions over a short duration of time.


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