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Nikolaos Boutsioukis


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We're seeking individuals skilled in deep learning, NLP, proficient in Python, TensorFlow or PyTorch, experienced with transformer models, and knowledgeable in data preprocessing, fine-tuning, and model evaluation. Additionally, students with strong social skills to promote EduPilot publicly will be highly valued.

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The Mission

EduPilot's mission is to empower students to confidently and efficiently navigate their academic journeys. Our aim is to redefine the university experience by seamlessly integrating academic systems, promoting academic integrity, and delivering personalized support through AI-driven insights. By simplifying administrative processes and enhancing learning outcomes, EduPilot ensures students have the essential tools for academic and personal success. Our commitment is to facilitate a transition and progression through university life that is not only smooth but profoundly impactful, preparing a generation of informed, capable, and self-reliant individuals.

The Challenge 

Transitioning to and navigating university life poses significant challenges for students, including the struggle to manage multiple academic platforms, uphold academic integrity, and efficiently organize their schedules. These challenges can hinder academic success and personal development. EduPilot recognizes the gap in current educational support systems—a comprehensive, intuitive platform that simplifies these aspects for students, ensuring a smoother academic journey from day one.

The Solution

EduPilot is an AI-enhanced platform tailored to ease students' transition into university life. By integrating with key university systems like Osiris, Canvas, and myTimetable, it offers a unified academic calendar and personalized academic assistance. EduPilot not only simplifies administrative tasks but also promotes study efficiency and academic integrity by providing guidance that encourages critical thinking rather than offering direct answers. This approach makes EduPilot an essential tool for students aiming to succeed in an academic environment by fostering self-reliance and effective study habits.


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